Why IRS Tax Reform Now

By Shawn E Hill

The answer is simple; Dollars and Sense (Cents)...

Transportation is considered the most vital part of America's infrastructure. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Transportation agency apparatus is compromised of: The Transportation Security Administration and The National Transportation Safety Board agencies respectively.

According to The U.S. Department of Labor Force statistics in 2016 approximately 10 million Americans are employed as Truck drivers, Bus or Urban Transit, Taxi and or Limousine service drivers.

Well, thanks to the largest employers in the United States; Uber and Amazon Flex. The reason the U.S. Government (IRS) wants to implement "Tax Reform" now is because the country currently has more than 10 million drivers who are "writing off their transportation expenses on their taxes (i.e. mileage deductions, fuel costs, repair & maintenance costs, motor vehicle lease & insurance costs etc.) "This is not acceptable to Uncle Sam."

Now that financial accounting apps (i.e. Mile IQ, Inuit Self-employed etc.) have enabled many Americans to successfully master the "IRS Learning Curve" and allows those millions of Americans employed in the transportation industry to effectively eliminate expensive operating costs. "This is a big problem for the Federal Government." The IRS is not going to allow millions of American households to save more money and enjoy earning a livable wage that is above the poverty level.

Now are you getting the big picture!

The proposed Trump Tax Plan will eliminate "Itemized Deductions" and impose and "flat-tax" that will help ensure that millions of working class Americans (i.e. truck drivers, Uber & Amazon Flex drivers etc.) do not escape the insatiable greed of Uncle Sam.

What tax strategies will work in 2017?

It's all about location, location, location. With so many new "pieces of legislation" being introduced in multiple States and municipalities throughout the country. Even the most tenacious CPA's and Banking Cartels are working overtime to influence the laws to try and negotiate discreet loopholes that will allow their assets to remain untouched and in their private possession.

Do immigrants pay Income taxes?

Yes. Legal Immigrants that have gone through the proper legal process and obtained a social security number that is lawfully issued by the IRS. They must then find gainful employment, complete the Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 and IRS Form W-4 with their employer and then voluntarily pay any monies owed to the U.S. government when they file their Federal or State income tax returns.

No. Illegal Immigrants (i.e. undocumented workers) that do not have a IRS issued social security card. They have obtained employment or earn wages "tax free" and are likely being paid "under-the-table" and do not pay any Federal Income taxes.

Take heed that you be neither deceived nor distracted by these ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing!

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